STAY IN THE GAME! Innovative Portable First Aid Icing Solutions for all body parts! Instant, Easy, Convenient, Effective Ice Wraps and Packs For 'on the go' or at home! For sprains, strains, bruises, pain and swelling. Proud to team up with Pro Runner Nikki Hiltz who uses and recommends.

Falmouth Road Race Recap

The IceeNOW team was at the Falmouth Road Race!  Here are some photos, and scroll down for a gift!
Working Hard!
Ella was working the booth and teaching people about the benefits of IceeNOW!
 A Family Affair
Owner Sue was joined by her father at the booth, making it a family affair!
Easy To Carry
IceeNOW's portable container makes it easy to carry around, and there's no refrigeration needed- so you can carry it anywhere!
Smiles All Around
Cold, Compress, Relief- IceeNOW makes people happy!
Painted Blue
The blue carpet at the expo went perfectly with our wraps!!
Long Day
Ella couldn't stay awake after a long day of teaching people how great IceeNOW is!
Did you miss the Falmouth Road Race?
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