INTRODUCING ICEENOW - Instant Icee Wrap For Athletes! Icing is important - for recovery, for injury prevention, to keep you in the game! Pro Runnner Nikki Hiltz uses and recommends! Ready to use - anytime, anywhere! No refrigeration needed.

Cold Compression Wraps- IceeNOW
Cold Compression Wraps- IceeNOW
Cold Compression Wraps- IceeNOW

Cold Compression Wraps- IceeNOW

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Nikki Hiltz, USATeam. 1500m World Championship Finalist. Doha 2019.


"Thank you for taking a shot on IceeNOW!

I'm a big believer in surrounding myself with people and things that support my dreams. I have found that IceeNOW has been a major help in my recovery. I am proud to stand with not only this product but also for the good people behind it. I hope you benefit from it as much as I do!

Thanks again and keep running toward your dreams!" Nikki Hiltz.

 IceeNow - a Sports Bag Must!

  • Ice Melts IceeNOW doesn't! No refrigeration required. 
  • Instant and ready to use for minor sprains, bruises and swelling.
  • Easy to use without the inconvenience, mess, and risk from ice.
  • Better than just ice, as it combines cold and compression in one.
  • Great for sore and over-used muscles and joints that need an ice down after intense activity. 


"One of the most important steps to minimizing injury is to use ice post exercise. IceeNOW works great!" Jen. Physical Therapist, Runner, Mom