INTRODUCING ICEENOW - Innovative Portable Icing Solutions for all body parts! Instant, Easy, Convenient, Effective Ice Wraps and Packs For Athletes - a Sports Bag Must! For recovery, injury prevention, to keep you active! Proud to team up with Pro Runner Nikki Hiltz who uses and recommends.

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I'd highly recommend IceeNOW for anyone with sore muscles. It's cold enough to get the job done but is never too cold to be painful!

Nikki Hiltz. Pro Runner. Social Justice Advocate.

When I'm done with my run, I'm on the move chasing my toddler around. I don't have time for melting bags of ice. The IceeNOW Wrap has been awesome in aiding in my recovery.

Neely Gracey. Pro Runner. Coach. Mom.

One of the most important steps to minimizing injury is to use ice post exercise. IceeNow works great!

Jen. Physical Therapist. Runner. Mom

"I used the wrap (IceeNOW) during the Boston marathon and was quite a success, my injury didn’t hurt at all! Thank you very much.

Bertha. Mom. Ranked Triathlete. Boston Marathoner. Mom.

Having a product at your finger tips that offers immediate injury treatment as well as prevention is genius.
The cool sensation and aroma are very soothing and effective.
A great product.

Chris. Tennis Pro. Tennis Dad.

I ran the Boston Marathon (and finished) this week. Needless to say my quads were very tight. I'm glad that I had an IceeNow on hand. I wrapped my quad for 15 min and then the other one. It's a great recovery product. I appreciated the lasting soothing sensations. My sons are athletic as well and I will be buying more for all of us. In addition, the owner is very personable and friendly. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Sue!

Kat. Mom. First time Boston Marathoner.

IceeNow was such a huge help when I sprained my ankle and needed to keep it iced and compressed. I also love that it's reusable and doesn't need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, so I can keep it in my gym bag or car, ready for my next "Oops!" moment! 

Christina. CrossFitter, Swimmer, Mom

I am loving this product, I have chronic ankle sprains and Achilles injuries, this helped the pain a lot!! Would definitely recommend this to any athletes or active person.

Cooper. Basketball & Lacrosse Player

If you have pain, swelling, bruises, sprains, or recovering from a injury you need to try a IceeNow wrap! What I love most about IceeNow is you can reuse it up to three times!  I will always have some in my bag!

Kelly. Personal Trainer. Gymnastic Mom.

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