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 What Is #GirlsKick?
       #GirlsKick is an initiative founded and started by IceeNOW, and its aim is to help females across the SouthCoast and beyond find empowerment within themselves- so that they can achieve their dreams and live the life they want to live!  #GirlsKick was started because girls (and boys) of all ages face more challenges today than they ever have.  With ever advancing and rapid changes in technology, the messages that females of all ages receive can vary widely.  Here at IceeNOW, we believe in kicking those challenges to the curb, not allowing them to get in our way, and chasing our dreams!  That's why we are 'kicking' the challenges that stand in our way, no matter big or small!  So tell us, what do you kick?

Our Vision

We envision a world where females everywhere find the power within themselves to 'kick' and overcome whatever stands between them and their goals in life.

The #GirlsKick Way


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