Elastic Extender Strap for Ice Packs so they fit
Ice Packs for Neck
Ice Pack for Back
Neck pain relief with ice Pack and Extender Strap
Elastic stretch to for strap for Custom length Ice Packs
Elastic Extension Ice Pack for Icee Wraps and Sleeves

    Elastic Extension Strap for Ice Packs

    • Barcode: 05149717985

    Elastic Extension Straps for IceeNOW Icee Wraps and Sleeves 

    • Convert Icee Sleeves into a Ice Pack for Back, Shoulder, Hip…
    • Increase the Fit and Comfort of any Ice Pack
    • Customize the length of any hot and cold therapy pack to the length you need.
    • 39 inches - elastic hook and loop strap
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