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Raychel Shannon - ICEENOW

Raychel Shannon

Do you have dreams of playing your sport at the highest level? I’m about to share a huge secret with you so listen up….  The ability to compete as a professional athlete takes more than years of intense and focused training. It also requires an equal, if not greater, commitment to recovery and optimizing the body’s ability to bounce back stronger. The most recovered athlete on the court has the advantage. Let me repeat that once more for the people in the back… The most recovered athlete on the court has the ADVANTAGE.
Adam Legg - ICEENOW

Adam Legg

Coach, educator, fitness enthusiast Adam is someone obsessed with everything about fitness.  From optimizing performance, to coaching athletes, to recovery, there is no stone he wants to leave unturned for himself or his players.
Neely Gracey - ICEENOW

Neely Gracey

Neely was born into this sport, literally. Her dad (Steve Spence, 1992 Olympic marathoner and 1991 World Champs Bronze Medalist) was running the Boston Marathon on the day she was born. She is an eight-time NCAA DII Champion and still holds two NCAA records. Neely has represented Team USA in 5 international competitions, and has raced in 8 different countries where she most notably was the top American and 13th in the World in the 2013 World Cross Country Championships in Poland. After college Neely went on to win the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon and then made...