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Adam Legg

by Ellie Gamache on September 18, 2020
Coach, educator, fitness enthusiast

Adam is someone obsessed with everything about fitness.  From optimizing performance, to coaching athletes, to recovery, there is no stone he wants to leave unturned for himself or his players.

Legg attended Endicott College in Beverly, MA from 2014-2018, where he played four years of varsity soccer.  Varsity soccer brought competition, success, struggle, and growth.  Adam walked on to his college team and eventually made it, mainly due to the fact that he was one of the fittest at freshman tryouts in 2014.  Adam also spent a lot of time in the gym and on the basketball court when soccer & studies weren't occupying his time. However, soccer wasn't the only thing requiring Adam to be in top strength and conditioning shape. Adam spends his summers as a lifeguard and must be ready for whatever beachgoers and the ocean may throw at him.

After his 2018 college graduation, Adam took a job as a physical education teacher on Cape Cod, MA. There he coaches boys soccer and baseball, as well as strength and conditioning for students looking to get in shape for their sports seasons. Adam also works privately with athletes who are looking to take the next step and optimize their performance with a goal of playing at the collegiate level.

Most recently, Adam turned these private training sessions into a small business, Legg Up Performance. He prides himself on always being in top strength and conditioning shape to set an example for the athletes that he is working with, and to also be the best version of himself. When asked what advise he gives his student athletes with collegiate athletic aspirations, Adam says, "Whenever you play your sport or train, actually give it 100%. Don't ever let your foot off the gas and make excuses for yourself. Work on the foundational skills of your game. Do all the small things correctly and excel where others slack. You owe it to yourself to see what the best version of you is."

Athlete Profile:

Date of birth: December 14, 1995

Hometown: York, ME

Residence: Cape Cod, MA

Education: Endicott College '18 Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education

Accomplishments: Coaches award 2014, ECAC Champions 2014, CCC Champs 2017


Instagram: @leggup_performance, @the_leggacy


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