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Raychel Shannon

by Ellie Gamache on September 21, 2020

Do you have dreams of playing your sport at the highest level? I’m about to share a huge secret with you so listen up…. 


The ability to compete as a professional athlete takes more than years of intense and focused training. It also requires an equal, if not greater, commitment to recovery and optimizing the body’s ability to bounce back stronger.

The most recovered athlete on the court has the advantage. Let me repeat that once more for the people in the back…

The most recovered athlete on the court has the ADVANTAGE.

 Personally, over my 2-decade basketball career I have dealt with countless minor injuries and a handful of serious ones. My interest in recovery was sparked by a knee injury in high school. The tear couldn’t be fixed surgically and was left in “wait and see” limbo. I decided to take matters into my own hands and took a deep dive into the world of alternative healing methods.

Later, playing as a graduate student while studying Nutrition & Exercise Science, the schedule was so grueling I stopped looking at the ice bath as torture and it quickly became my best friend. I had to call on my expanding bag of recovery tools to help my body thrive despite the stress of the long season. I quickly learned that the small 1% things I did throughout the day began to add up to something much greater. I truly believe this is the reason I was able to extend my career and play professionally around the world for teams in Spain, France and El Salvador.

My entire educational background and lots of free time have been dedicated to researching the most cutting-edge recovery tools and techniques. As a Kion Certified Coach, I look at the athlete as a whole, including the mind, body and spirit in my coaching. My mission is to empower athletes of all ages to prioritize proper nutrition, recovery and healthy lifestyle habits. We will put together a personalized plan that works for you, so your body is optimized to rise to the next level and align with your goals . 

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