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May Newsletter

by Sue S on May 11, 2020

Featured athlete

Meet Kat! She has always admired runners and decided to start running as a way to lose weight after having her first son.  Being a busy working mom with 3 active boys, fitting in the time to run is challenging but Kat is motivated by feeling physically and mentally healthy.  Before running she does a quick 3 minute warm up that involves walking, lunges, circling the hips and leg swings.  She finishes up her run with more stretching.  She is signed up for two virtual runs in the near future and hopes to run a marathon in 2021.  Here are some tips from her on staying motivated during this challenging time:

1. Download an app or two (running, cycling, yoga etc).  Try to mix it up

2.  Set mini goals

3.  Join a community or running club that will help you stay accountable

4.  It's okay to take a day or two off but make sure you get back at it

5.  Remember why you started.  The why is as important as the how

New IceeNOW products coming!

Still with portability and ability to ice anytime and anywhere, some exciting new products are on their way!  As they are available, we will be adding them to our website.  (Hint! As our valuable customers, you will be offered first access to these cool new ice packs).

Interview with Coach Alex

Alex has been coaching young soccer athlete's since he was 16 when he took over coaching his little brother's team.  He said it was challenging being a teenager himself but it fueled his ambition to become a successful coach.  During this time of social distancing, he's conducting video practice sessions and setting personal challenges for his players to stay motivated.  He finds the most challenging part of being a coach is keeping all players focused on improving instead of focusing too much on a result.  He's been playing the sport since he was 5.  He believes everyone has their own philosophy and way of playing and being a coach gives him the opportunity to put that idea into practice.  His advice to all players is to get into a routine and do whatever you can to stay active.  Take this time now to reflect and identify something you want to learn or really improve.

Nutrition tips from Nikki

Nikki has a go to meal that she eats before every big workout or race.  She eats a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and banana.  It's carbs, protein and potassium all in one!  After a workout she usually has a protein drink.  Nikki likes to celebrate a race with a burger and beer. 

"Don't be afraid to experiment with food and try new things to really see what works for you and your body because not everyone's the same."

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