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April Newsletter

by Sue S on April 06, 2020

Here we are in April and amid craziness. I know all you athletes (and parents of athletes) are super disappointed with your sports season, race, or tournament being delayed or even cancelled. We were gearing up for our big annual event - the Boston Marathon Expo, which is pushed to September (fingers-crossed)! Let's stay active and connected and support each other - so we can all make it through together!

Featured Athlete
We are excited to introduce our first featured athlete. Lauren is currently training for the Boston Marathon and uses her IceeNow for recovery. She is continuing her training in hopes to run a half marathon in the summer before running the Boston Marathon in September. When asked what gives her motivation, she said she loves the grind, but being patient is her biggest challenge. As an athlete growing up, she played softball and has completed 6 marathons. Congrats Lauren on your dedication, inspiration and perseverance! We can't wait to cheer you on at the Boston Marathon in September! Keep it up!!

New product
In the next month or so, we will be launching some fun and exciting new products. As they are available, we will be adding them to our website. (Hint! As our valuable customers, you will be offered first access to these cool new ice packs).

Advice from our PT Jen
We reached out to Jen, our team physical therapist, to get some simple advice for training. Jen recommends stretching pre and post workout. Focusing on the quads, glut/hip rotators, hamstrings and gastroc/soleus. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times. The most common injuries she treats are muscle and joint strains as well as overuse injuries such as tendinitis. Make sure to ice these problem areas after each workout. Have an IceeNow handy!

Have a question? - simple reply to this email and we will direct to Jen or Nikki!

Social Media
Make sure to follow us on social media. Nikki Hiltz will be doing some cools posts, and Q&A Instagram sessions. We are also planning some exciting new contests!

Plus, share your story - how you are staying motivated, training, and help inspire each other! Click on the FB - Active and Connected Community - group to post, and/or share an action/training shot and tag us on IG!

Need Ice? Injury? Recovery? Use IceeNOW. Proud to team up with Nikki Hiltz to support her 2021 Olympic Dream!

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