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June Newsletter

by Sue S on July 02, 2020

Featured Athlete - Neely Gracey, Adidas Pro Runner, Olympic 10k goal.

Neely was born into a running family. In 8th grade she decided to set her first goal - to train and qualify for the High School National XC Championships! It took a few years but she did it! Favorites races are half marathons, as well as the Bolder Boulder 10k and Falmouth Road Race.

Greatest sports accomplishment - "in 2016, I placed 9th in the Boston Marathon in 2:35. I was the top USA finisher and it was my marathon debut!"


Neely's workout and recovery routine post-baby!

To build back some power in her stride after pregnancy, Neely has been doing a lot more speed focused workouts and loves a good hill repeat workout.

To prevent injury Neely has a 7 step routine: 1. dynamic/activation; 2. warm-up; 3. strides; 4. drills; 5. race/workout; 6. cool down; 7. recovery stretch/strength.

Post baby, Neely says her shins have become a problem spot. If she feels some tightness, she uses the R8 from Roll Recovery followed by IceeNow. She finds the IceeNow works great on her feet and lower legs. She also uses a frozen dixie cup to ice massage tight spots. She advises to listen to your body and if you need a rest day or two, then take it. It's way better to train with a bit of caution than to risk overtraining and injury/burnout.

Neely's motivational advice

Running brings Neely joy. When she is having fun, enjoying the process and not forcing things, it's a winning combo for success! She keeps herself busy being a mom, running coach and training full time. She is taking this time to slow down and really focus on fitness. Neely is looking forward to a 2021 racing season and possibly trying to qualify for an Olympic trial in the 10K.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to training. She encourages everyone to use their own personal history to learn what does and does not work for them as an individual, and then apply that knowledge to best help them work towards future goals.

New IceeNOW products!

We are very excited to announce our new products to address all your Icing Solutions! Both Freezer and Non-Freezer options, but all still portable, and available when you need them most! The Freezer Pak, acts like a portable freezer, so the frozen ice wraps and re-stickable ice packs, stay frozen for hours when you are out at the track, practice or game! The ice wraps are reversible and come in two different color combos. The re-stickables are easy to use, and are great for those hard to reach, problem spots!

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Coaches Zach & Eric - Seaside Crossfit, Athlete's Strength and Conditioning

Fitness is their passion, playing hockey, lacrosse, baseball, football, and track and field, since early teens. Through practice and education, a true love for athletic training, and strength and conditioning ensued.

With over 10 years of coaching experience combined, including high school hockey and football, as well as certifications in Olympic lifting, functional movement, precision nutrition, CrossFit, and a Degree in Exercise Science, they both love helping every person they work with, reach their fitness goals.

Both Eric and Zach train all ages - from middle school athletes to 70 year olds! They say it is especially cool to see the middle and high school athletes show up with a smile on their face! They want to be the best they can be, and see the value of not only improving their performance in their chosen sport, but embracing strengthen and conditioning and good habits, to help prevent injuries and keep their body in the game longer! And, many are able to realize their dream of playing college sports! As Zach and Eric say, trust the process, and the results will show!

Injury prevention and recovery tips

Both Zach and Eric have experienced and seen many minor injuries throughout their playing and coaching careers. Many of these minor injuries can be addressed and even prevented, through proper rest, stretching, body weight movement, as well as ice and heat treatments. When muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries occur on site they recommend treating with ice immediately, in order to keep inflammation down. "IceeNOW is awesome in the sense that is readily available and so easy to use. We have the IceeNOW ice wraps on hand at Seaside and ready to use when needed" explains Zach. After icing, they introduce movement and heat back to the area, in order to see proper recovery.

Recovery through rest, proper nutrition, and static stretching are important for muscle and joint recovery. On longer and more intense training days, they recommend these three things, along with some type of cryotherapy through ice and/or ice baths, alternating with heat. Cold can reduce inflammation and treat existing injuries while the heat will bring blood to the muscles for repair. They also say "motion is lotion" when it comes to muscle soreness and recovery. Movement, cold, heat, rest and proper nutrition are all a component to recovery.

Tips from Nikki

Nikki believes that running is such a mental sport. During these crazy times, she has taken this time to focus on her mind, body and soul. She is playing more guitar and practicing meditation and is constantly updating her cool playlists! @NikkiHiltz

Need Ice? Injury? Recovery? Use IceeNOW. Proud to team up with Nikki Hiltz to support her 2021 Olympic Dream!

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