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Neely Gracey's workout and recovery routine post-baby!

by Sue Shannon on October 15, 2021

Neely's workout and recovery routine post-baby!

To build back some power in her stride after pregnancy, Neely has been doing a lot more speed focused workouts and loves a good hill repeat workout.

To prevent injury Neely has a 7 step routine: 1. dynamic/activation; 2. warm-up; 3. strides; 4. drills; 5. race/workout; 6. cool down; 7. recovery stretch/strength.

Post baby, Neely says her shins have become a problem spot. If she feels some tightness, she uses the R8 from Roll Recovery followed by IceeNow. She finds the IceeNow works great on her feet and lower legs. She also uses a frozen dixie cup to ice massage tight spots. She advises to listen to your body and if you need a rest day or two, then take it. It's way better to train with a bit of caution than to risk overtraining and injury/burnout.

Neely's motivational advice

Running brings Neely joy. When she is having fun, enjoying the process and not forcing things, it's a winning combo for success! She keeps herself busy being a mom, running coach and training full time. She is taking this time to slow down and really focus on fitness. Neely is looking forward to a 2021 racing season and possibly trying to qualify for an Olympic trial in the 10K.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to training. She encourages everyone to use their own personal history to learn what does and does not work for them as an individual, and then apply that knowledge to best help them work towards future goals.

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