INTRODUCING ICEENOW - Instant Icee Wrap For Athletes! Ready to use - anytime, any where! No refrigeration needed. "One of the most important steps to minimizing injury is to use ice post exercise. IceeNOW works great!" Jen. Physical Therapist.

Why IceeNOW?

Why Choose IceeNOW?

IceeNOW Cold Compression Wraps require no refrigeration, are reusable, and are ready when you need them.

You are looking for a way to find both cold and compress, without the mess of ice or hassle of finding refrigeration

You have a desire to be active and stay active!

You believe in the value of exercise, and staying sharp both physically and mentally

You want to empower yourself and those around you.

You understand your body, how much it can take, and when to take a break.

You realize that NOW is the time to get up, be active, and stay active

You’re looking to stay ahead of the competition and primed for action

You want to remain active while maintaining your workout routine

You're concerned about your health, mind, body, and spirit

You feel the passion and motivation to get the most out of life, without letting anything stand in your way, and never giving up!

We have a vested interest in athletics, and our local community to be active and stay active!