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Boston Marathon x 10

by Sue S on October 21, 2021

Looking back at the last 10 years running @bostonmarathon • 2011 • After 10 attempts to BQ I finally made it, along with my Dad. 3:41:44 • 2012 • The realllly hot year, where they almost cancelled it. 4:09:17 • 2013 • The bomb year. My Dad, Ellis and I all finished within a few minutes of each other (3:31:15) and left the finish line together before anything happened. A day we will never forget. • 2014 • BOSTON STRONG. The world came together and ran strong. Finished side by side with my Dad. 3:34:49 • 2015 • Rainy year and finally did some sight seeing post race. 3:26:48 • 2016 • Had some friends join the fun but it was hot and we all ran slow. 3:39:38 • 2017 • Warm, sunny and a backwind! 3:30:19 • 2018 • The coldest and most miserable rain storm but my fastest marathon. 3:23:42 • 2019 • Joined team @hylandspowered and was treated to a VIP marathon experience as well as some surprise heat and a backwind. 3:44:28 • 2020 • The Virtual Marathon September! 3:54:38

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