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August Newsletter

by Ellie Gamache on September 22, 2020

Events are definitely different this summer! We were disappointed when the Boston Marathon was cancelled in the spring but we are looking forward to participating in the Boston Marathon Virtual Expo running Sept 4 - Sept 15.  

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Featured Athlete - Bertha Vazquez, Triathlete, Mom, National AG Champion 2018 & 2019

I met Bertha at the 2019 Boston Expo last year. She had bought an IceeNOW and came back the next day saying it worked wonders on a pulled hamstring, and asked if she could wear it during the Boston Marathon. I said I wouldn't try anything new on race day - but she didn't listen, and not only wore it, but had a great race. In fact, her picture from the race, is the header on the newsletter.

Bertha lives in Mexico, is a mom of two boys 15 and 9! She started running late in life some 14 years ago and got into triathlons 5 years ago.  Her biggest sports accomplishment to date is  taking 2nd place at the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Championship in Australia. 

What is her secret? Bertha starts each day with a healthy breakfast and then off for a run through her neighborhood or cycling with her team.  Pre-pandemic she would end her day swimming at a near by pool.  She uses IceeNOW after every training and gets weekly massages to help rest her muscles.  In the past she has suffered from leg and knee injuries so now she makes sure to properly stretch before and after training.  She believes that healthy eating and staying hydrated will also prevent injuries. 

During these challenging times, Bertha has continued to train.  She loves training and is always trying to improve her competition level.  She looks forward to when she can compete again.  She is participating in the Falmouth virtual road race this week.  

Bertha likes to train early so she can spend the day with her boys, who both play soccer and cycle.  She is trying to teach her kids that sports should be enjoyed, and to always focus on your dream and nothing will stop you! Great words of wisdom from an over 40 year old athlete, who keeps improving and breaking her own records!

IceeNOW is teaming up for the second year with the Falmouth Road Race, the annual 7-mile road race on Cape Cod. Runners can run the entire race in one day or run one mile a day for a week.  The virtual event ends August 29th. For recovery make sure to get your Limited Edition Falmouth Road Race IcePack!

Virtual Road Race Photo Contest!

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There is no better time of the year than Falmouth Road Race time! While this year looks a little different, we know what an accomplishment running this race is, and for that we want to reward you!

*All virtual race runners are eligible to enter!

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