STAY IN THE GAME! Innovative Portable First Aid Icing Solutions for all body parts! Instant, Easy, Convenient, Effective Ice Wraps and Packs For 'on the go' or at home! For sprains, strains, bruises, pain and swelling. Proud to team up with Pro Runner Nikki Hiltz who uses and recommends.

Re-Stickable Ice Pack - Penguin - ICEENOW
Re-Stickable Ice Pack - Penguin - ICEENOW
Re-Stickable Ice Pack - Penguin - ICEENOW

Icee Pack - Penguin (Re-Stickable)

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Ice Pack that sticks! Great for all those hard to reach spots - back, shoulder, neck... 

Re-stickable ice packs provide great relief for sore muscles. The re-stickable Ice Pack can for also be used to help with bumps and bruises for all body parts and ages! Instead of going going for drippy bag of ice, grab an IceeNOW ice pack. It sticks easily and painlessly, so no need to hold on, so you can get on with what you were doing! After 10 minutes return to the freezer and use again and again. Re-sticks up to 100 times.



Chill for 2 hours in the freezer. Remove the back cover (don't throw this away) and apply to clean, dry skin.


If chilled for longer than 4 hours, wait until your IceeNOW ice pack reaches desired temperature.


Press and conform the pack to the affected area and remove after 1 minute. Gently peel backing off so doesn't pull the stickiness off back (do not throw away). Slowly increase chill and application times. Maximum recommended cold therapy time should not exceed 10 minutes.


 Delivery expected mid-June