STAY IN THE GAME! Innovative Portable First Aid Icing Solutions for all body parts! Instant, Easy, Convenient, Effective Ice Wraps and Packs For 'on the go' or at home! For sprains, strains, bruises, pain and swelling. Proud to team up with Pro Runner Nikki Hiltz who uses and recommends.

Collection: Ice Tape



  • Our NEW Cooling and Compression Wrap!

  • Instant cooling relief helps reduce pain and swelling.

  • Self-adhesive, just wrap and tear off!

  • 3 cool colors!

Directions for use:

Wrap around affected area, stretching enough to provide comfortable compression which is not too restrictive. Self-adhesive. Tear or cut after using desired amount. The wrapped area will get colder after about 5-10 minutes, and remain cold for up to 2 hours. Inspect treated area every 15 minutes. If any irritation occurs, discontinue. Do not refrigerate. Single use. 

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NEW Icee Tape! Cooling and Compassion, Self Adhesive
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