INTRODUCING ICEENOW - Innovative Portable Icing Solutions for all body parts! Instant, Easy, Convenient, Effective Ice Wraps and Packs For Athletes - a Sports Bag Must! For recovery, injury prevention, to keep you active! Proud to team up with Pro Runner Nikki Hiltz who uses and recommends.

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  • Our NEW Cooling and Compression Wrap!

  • Instant cooling relief helps reduce pain and swelling.

  • Self-adhesive, just wrap and tear off!

  • 3 cool colors!

Directions for use:

Wrap around affected area, stretching enough to provide comfortable compression which is not too restrictive. Self-adhesive. Tear or cut after using desired amount. The wrapped area will get colder after about 5-10 minutes, and remain cold for up to 2 hours. Inspect treated area every 15 minutes. If any irritation occurs, discontinue. Do not refrigerate. Single use. 

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NEW Ice Tape!
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